Thursday, June 23, 2005

How to get wireless networking with the DLink DWL-G520+ under Debian Linux

So I said I had my wireless networking working. I did. I said that I would post how when I did. I didn't.

Since I have installed my new 2.6.12 kernel, I now have to reinstall my DLink card. So I'll capture the knowledge this time.

First thing you'll notice is that I saud DLink card.

The SMC cards apparently have a few variants. It is some time since I tried installing the card, but from memory, the Taiwanese SMC2802W works with the Prism54 driver, but not the Chinese manufactured version on the same card.

So I got the DLink DWL-G520+ card. This card has a Texas Instruments chipset and support is far less developed than Prism based cards. I discovered this after purchasing the card. :( The guys maintaining the ACX100/ACX111 card's driverloads and says "Should have bought a Prism based card!"

The biggest issue here, is that Prism support has now been built into the 2.6 kernels. No such luck with the ACX100 driver. This means you have to reconfigure networking support every time you recompile your kernel.

Support for ACX100/ACX111 drivers is maintained at the developers' Sourceforge site.

The definitive guide on installing the driver is at the House Of Craig site.


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