Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Do things work first time for others?

Certainly not for me! But I can boast that things are finally working with my home network.

    My server / gateway is happily connected to my iBurst UTD

    My server gateway is firewalled using IPTables and NATting for my home network

    My server / gateway is happily routing to my iBurst connection for multiple connections

    My iBurst connection is bursting at up to 1,2Mbs (about 154KBs)- the 2,1Mbs in the picture below is just something wierd!! - and holds a pretty constant transfer rate of 30KBs - a 56Kbps dial up modem is 7KBs - WoW! Few people will believe me, so please see the picture evidence below.


    My server / gateway is running two Ethernet cards - one connected to my iBurst UTD and for Ethernet connections to my laptops

    I have overwritten Windows on my old IBM Thinkpad T40 with Debian

    I have finally got my wireless network going and am sitting writing this on the couch with my HP sans a single wire!

I will update this with more details of how it was all accomplished on my Techie Alter Ego blog. Only for those poor buggers struggling like I did with one of the above challenges!

My next project is to fix my inward connections to my network. I have set my firewall to allow the connections in, but my ISP has dynamic IP addresses that change every few hours or so. I connected in today, but as expected was disconnected as the IP address changed. More on this too.


Blogger ShutterJane said...

Things dont work for me first time either. Funny to hear a techy with a sense of humour ;)


9:09 PM  

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