Thursday, June 07, 2007

Stolen laptop - lessons learned and blogging about the new setup

Right. So after the recent excitement, I need to go through the process of setting up a new laptop and recovering data, etc.

I'll make this useful by blogging about the IT trials and tribulations.

In the mean time, consider the following:

  • Install a stolen laptop tracker on your PC - if the fuckers ever connect to the net, it'll let you know and provide their ISP details

  • Keep invoices, serial numbers, etc in a safe place to facilitate police and insurance reports

  • Get one of those cable alarms that screams if your laptop is moved

  • Backups really are important - use a syncronisation app like iFolder to sync your laptop with the server when it connects to the network

  • Encrypt your harddrive - I am now a prime candidate for identity theft

  • Password protect the BIOS on your laptop - same reason as above

So I've been busy setting up the new laptop. What a mission. Anyway, it is a beautiful new beast. Follow the progress on my techie blog.

Here it is:

Vital stats here.


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