Sunday, February 25, 2007

Getting eGroupware PEAR errors?

This had me foxed for a while.

My eGroupware Version 1.3.015 install recognised PEAR and installed without a hitch.

However on using the application, errors state that PEAR cannot be located in the include path "include_path='/usr/share/egroupware/egw-pear:.'"

This had me baffled as this path was completely different to that stated in my php.ini file.

Then I found this on the Debian mailing lists:

Edit your apache site configuration file for eGroupware (must be
under /etc/apache2/sites-availaible/) and under the
section, add the line 'php_value include_path .:/usr/share/php/'


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Blogger Mathieu said...

Thanks a lot... was searching for hours, looking at the code of the eGroupware "check_install.php" file searching a clue !
The informations you are providing are still accurate for the 1.4 version of eGroupware.

Thanks again for posting this.

PS : I'm actually using Debian Etch (Upgraded from Sarge) with PHP 5.2.3(dotdeb) and Apache 2

2:33 PM  

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