Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Do things work first time for others?

Certainly not for me! But I can boast that things are finally working with my home network.

    My server / gateway is happily connected to my iBurst UTD

    My server gateway is firewalled using IPTables and NATting for my home network

    My server / gateway is happily routing to my iBurst connection for multiple connections

    My iBurst connection is bursting at up to 1,2Mbs (about 154KBs)- the 2,1Mbs in the picture below is just something wierd!! - and holds a pretty constant transfer rate of 30KBs - a 56Kbps dial up modem is 7KBs - WoW! Few people will believe me, so please see the picture evidence below.


    My server / gateway is running two Ethernet cards - one connected to my iBurst UTD and for Ethernet connections to my laptops

    I have overwritten Windows on my old IBM Thinkpad T40 with Debian

    I have finally got my wireless network going and am sitting writing this on the couch with my HP sans a single wire!

I will update this with more details of how it was all accomplished on my Techie Alter Ego blog. Only for those poor buggers struggling like I did with one of the above challenges!

My next project is to fix my inward connections to my network. I have set my firewall to allow the connections in, but my ISP has dynamic IP addresses that change every few hours or so. I connected in today, but as expected was disconnected as the IP address changed. More on this too.
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